Terminating Your Timeshare Legally


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Are you looking to get out of your timeshare?  Initially, a timeshare can seem like an exciting and worthwhile investment.  Unfortunately – fees, restrictions, or even an unexpected change in your lifestyle can turn your timeshare into a stressful expense rather than the fun vacation spot you were counting on.  Let American Settlement Services help you explore timeshare termination. Your situation can be resolved without reselling your timeshare.  With our years of experience in the timeshare industry, we can consult with you to terminate your timeshare agreement and release you from the burden completely. Your consultation is 100% obligation-free.  

Not One Size Fits All

Each situation is unique; and yet, there are similarities to every story.  Did your closing process feel rushed?  Were you promised that your timeshare would gain significant value but the market hasn’t moved?  Were you told that owning a timeshare would provide tax benefits?  Share the particulars of your experience with us and you will be under no obligation to engage our services. However, you will learn your options and gain confidence that we can help you terminate your timeshare agreement, should you so choose.  It’s quick. It’s easy. Best of all – every case we take on is 100% guaranteed.

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    Just a short note to let you know what a pleasure it’s been working with your company and finally terminating my timeshare ownership. I felt very comfortable during the entire process because of the straightforward, trustworthy manner with which your company conducted itself during our business together. - J Epps, Read more stories like these...

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