Ending Your Timeshare

Call Us to Legally End Your Timeshare Nightmare

If you own a timeshare in a failing resort with a high vacancy rate or a high failure to pay rate on the maintenance fees, you could be getting hit with others’ share of the burden of maintaining a declining asset. In recent years, attorneys have had higher success rates getting investors out of timeshare contracts legally due to sketchy sales techniques. That’s where we come in. If you qualify as a Timeshare Resort Fraud Victim, we can get you out of your timeshare.

Is it Legal?

We are happy to advise you as to your timeshare solutions and options. You do have recourse to get out of a timeshare in many situations. This includes the following promises, often made during the sale, that the timeshare:

  • Would appreciate and increase resale price and value over time.
  • Could be freely exchanged, transferred and sold.
  • Was a financial investment.
  • Guaranteed purchaser booking priority over non-purchasing vacationers wishing to book at other properties owned by the selling company

Also, as a result of recent rulings in favor of timeshare owners, American Settlement Services is able to work for the release of your contract outside of court.

Are American Settlement’s Services Guaranteed?

For those who qualify, success is guaranteed. There’s absolutely no obligation to continue with our services once we’ve evaluated your situation. Contact us today to see if you’re eligible. At American Settlement Services, we can:

  • Guarantee 100% success rate for cases we take on
  • Eliminate constant fees and debt
  • Stop your mortgage payments
  • Help new timeshare owners
  • Handle multiple properties with one call

We are not a resale company; we help you get out of your timeshare legally. Guaranteed.

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