Ending Your Timeshare

June 6, 2012

To American Settlement Services, and any timeshare owners currently considering American Settlement Service’s services:

My husband and I were very skeptical when we walked into the American Settlement Services seminar. We had been scammed by a number of agencies in the past and lost a couple thousand dollars in the hopes that we would be terminate our Timeshare Properties. Needless to say we were hesitant to be fooled again!

The information that was shared at the seminar was beneficial to hear and concurred with the situation that had been occurring with our properties.  All of the personnel at the seminar were open to our concerns, reassured our doubts, and answered our many questions. Hesitantly, we agreed to let American Settlement Services take over the transfer of both our properties.

There was always someone available to answer my calls as copies of deeds, property information, and final transfers were sent back and forth through the mail. At all times, a pleasant, compassionate person was on the other line and it felt as if my concerns and fears mattered.

There were several days when I was overly concerned about the progress of our transfers and was in direct contact with Mike Mikes, one of the owners of American Settlement Services. He was compassionate, helpful, and reassuring which gave me peace of mind throughout the entire process.

I cannot say enough about the personal attention that was given to me and the termination of our properties. Once it was all done, I could not believe it was over. Thank goodness for American Settlement Services. My husband and I would have been strapped with our properties forever and that was a very unsettling feeling. Relief feels wonderful!

Robert & Nancy
Waukesha, WI
May 20th,2013

When we went to the meeting here in Fort Worth, I really had my doubts about this claim to help us terminate our Timeshare Ownership situation. Everyone we had talked to said it was impossible. I really thought all those people there were probably props, do I have a suspicious mind??

Actually we had a very good experience with the service and the people that explained it all to us, my husband has Alzheimer’s, and it’s really hard for me to understand a lot of things and know just what is the right thing to do. But I really needed to get out of this timeshare, as you know the monthly Membership Dues continue to go up each year. And, when we or any of our children called to use the Timeshare, we could never get in, it was frustrating for all of us.

It really took us a little longer to get all the paperwork done, because the Deed of Trust Had not been sent to County Court House by the Timeshare office when we purchased it.

You all were very patient with us sent the paperwork we needed and talked to us on the phone about all of it, and got us thru the whole thing. I don’t remember any of the names of the people that were so helpful, but thanks to all of you. It took us a while, but believe me it was well worth it all.

Thanks again for everything


Dear Mr. Miles

First as we know now timeshares are sort of a mystery no one tells you the entire truth when you purchase one. Second they lead you to believe  you can actually sell one back if needed, this couldn’t be any further from the TRUTH there is very little resale of timeshares.

We do admit in the beginning enjoying use of units, but maintenance fees & anything else convent kept rising for us. Wanting to get out we were SCAMMED by a phony operation which vanished!! With our $$ only to reappear years later with a new name, same game, new, better now.

We got a call from American Settlement Services we were leery and told us they could help, but wanted large amount money up front for service hoped not another scam. We were relieved when told termination completed! Next got a bill wanting maintenance fees on terminated unit called told not to pay!! Everything [was] ok–2 months latter anther letter fees tuned over to collector once again told not to pay!! January 17 2013 got documents proving transfer 8 months after start of process, Hope you are still reading this letter.

We are very happy & relieved  American Settlement Services did a great job dealing with a messed up company who didnt want owners to terminate. THANKS AGAIN much less stress in our lives.

Lyle & Kay

Dear Sir,

Our timeshare was a burden to us. We could never get anywhere.

Then we got a phone call from American Settlement Services. We were very skeptical because we had tried to sell it before. Needless to say that was a waste of money. So we took a chance and went to the meeting.

Our minds were still saying don’t count on it. We low and behold our money was well spent it was like a weight had been lifted off our shoulders.

We still own one more timeshare, and when we are ready we will be calling American Settlement Services.The people you sent to Burlington, Iowa were very helpful and so very nice to us, and they answered all of our questions.

Thanks again for your help and we will be spreading the word.

Janis Miller & Shirley

To Timeshare Owners Needing Help,

As with many other timeshare owners who bought and used their timeshares years ago, we’ve aged and we no longer wanted to have the responsibilities of cost and ownership, primarily because of increasing difficulty each year to find suitable accommodations via timeshare exchange. Also, our timeshare nice as it was, seemed impossible to sell or even give away. We considered passing the ownership to our children, but they declined, seeing it as an unwanted obligation and costs far into the future.

The entire timeshare industry was changing before our very eyes. Owning our timeshare was now a burden, With so many timeshare owners trying g to sell their timeshares we know it would  be difficult to dispose of our timeshare.

Fortunately, American Settlement Services contacted us to attend a meeting to explain their services. Not only did they understand the problem as we saw it, they provided us the opportunity to terminated ownership. American Settlement Services provided an affordable, easy, step-by-step process to terminate our ownership in a proficient way. When we had questions along the way, Nationwide was always reachable by telephone and had the answers.

The result? Nationwide relieved us of our timeshare in less than six months’ elapsed time! Bottom-line, we no longer have to worry about paying maintenance costs, trying to find suitable (or often any) accommodations via exchange or figuring out how to dispose of what seemed to be a never-ending obligation.

Our kudos to American Settlement Services and its staff.


J.R. and Janet
Former Timeshare Owners

I am sure anyone who has purchased a timeshare can share the same [reluctance] as we had when trying to dispose of it. We had run into a lot of what felt as bad as the timeshare market itself. We had tried to sell it through someone out of Orlando who took money up front and we never heard from the again, except for when they sent a letter offering listen to it again for another fee. Even though we were skeptical and a bit cynical, we went to hear what American Settlement Services could offer.Everything that they had to say during their presentation felt right. So we just bit the bullet and put our trust in them.

We really wanted to get rid of our timeshare since we had not used it for a few years. The next six months that we had to wait for its liquidation was a nail biting time as we wondered if we had made the right decision or yet another costly mistake. You can not imagine how ecstatic we were when we first got the call and next a letter indication that it was taken care of. Several months later the maintenance fees stopped and we knew it was for real. I would highly recommend this company to any and everyone who had the desire for timeshare termination.

If someone does me wrong, my voice will be heard but on the other hand, if they do me right, I will fight for them. I am sure that the company has a hard time breaking down the walls that the less honest has built which causes people to have a hard time finding who to put their trust in. Because American Settlement Services was honest and treated us so well. American Settlement Services was honest and treated us so well. Even after our beyond average skepticism we would like to endorse them as someone you can put your trust in and be assured that the job they promise will be done to your satisfaction. They actually can do what they say.

This sequence of events could not have happened at a better time. I had an aneurysm rupture, causing a hemorrhagic stroke which has led to disability and loss of my job. Therefore we are at even a greater time where we need those maintenance fees, instead of paying them to the timeshare company. We are also in a place in life where we would have no longer been able to use the timeshare anyway.

SO thank you American Settlement Services for coming along at the right time and successfully freeing us up when you did. I hope that someone is contemplating using American Settlement Services that our feelings of their honesty and integrity and our experience with them may help to guide you in your decision making process I know the night that we were I was at this fork in the road, We would have loved to hear in someone’s own words about their positive experience.

Thank you so much to take the time to read about our great experience with this Company

J.R. and Janet
Former Timeshare Owners

Dear Mr. Miles, I would like to thank you so much for what you did to help us get our of our Stormy Point Timeshare.

We have several timeshares in Florida and Branson, MO.
We still are using what we have left for our Winter getaway and every five years a trip to Hawaii, or St. Martin, or St. Thomas. We are in our late 60’s. We are hoping to continue to enjoy our timeshare into our late 70’s. So at this time we are not ready to sell out other timeshare. It was such a good feeling to get out from under our contract at Stormy Point.

I hope you will still be helping with timeshares at the time when we are ready to sell more of them. It would be such a relief to know we can still enjoy our retirement and travel and also get out of our debt of timeshares when we are ready. Our children will not want to be stuck with paying all our management fees for the rest of their lives!Thank you for helping us once and we look forward to working with you in the future.

We just hope the price will not go up too much higher.

Thank you!

Hal & Carolyn

Can I have a minute of your time? Would you like free tickets to your choice of area attractions? All you have to do is sit through a 45 minute presentation. Yeah, right! Those 45 minutes lasted a half day of my vacation and we walked away with free tickets to the aquarium and a timeshare. Oh wait, there is nothing like a timshare… Stay when you want, no hassles, and you can get rid of it whenever you want, there is always someone wanting to buy. That was us in 2003 when we became owners of a timeshare. Couldn’t stay when we wanted, couldn’t sell it and the maintenance fees went up every year. So many phone calls from prospective “buyers” of timeshares just send us money and we will sell your timeshare for you. So we sent money and they did nothin. I was really skeptical of American Settlement Services. My husband had scheduled an appointment with them in Paducah, KY almost 3 hours from home. We had actually been satisfied with our timeshare, but were getting tired of going to the same place and didn’t want to pay the extra money to go to another resort. It was time for us to tyry to get out of this situation amd have more freedom to go where we want and when we want, so we decided to give American Settlement Services a chanve. The people that handled the meeting were so good to work with and made us all feel at home. They proceeded to tell us how maintenance fees and points would change over the next few years. Also that if we passed away our children would inherit this timeshare and the maintenance fees. WHo right there, I’m sure my kinds would love it if I left them with a bill they had to pay every year. So we listened to the presentartipn and then sit down with a representative to discuss our Situation. The amount of it was going to cost us to transfer our timeshare to American Settlement Services was rather steep for ouyr taste, so we discussed and negotiated a price that was satisfactory to us and them. I couldn’t believe they were so easy to deal with and within a few weeks we were finally out of our timeshare. I just want to say thank you to American Settlement Services, you habe given us the freedom to take back our vacation time and be able to spend it wherever we want. Our maintenqance fees that we were paying will now be used to pay for a very nice vacation, when we want to go and where we want to go.

American Settlement Services consist of some of the best people I have ever had the pleasure of dealing with and care so much for the consumer who has been taken in by the smooth talking people selling these timeshares. No pressure, and No  hassle from anyone at Nationwide.

Again, thank you for relieving us of this burden.I would recommend your agency to anyone!!


Richard and Vivian