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There have been many complaints about timeshare scams from people who feel like they are getting pressured or conned into a timeshare. A timeshare contract binds two or more individuals that have agreed to share property for a particular period. Most people are under the impression that such a contract cannot be terminated, but the truth is that the law recognizes that contracts can be terminated for many reasons.

We offer timeshare solutions by helping you get rid of it by dismissal. If you choose to use our services you can feel good knowing:

We are Dedicated to Protecting Our Customers

We protect you from fraudulent practices by timeshare companies and we help you get out of the resort contract. We will help you throughout the procedure from beginning to end. Our experienced staff keeps you updated and offers a comprehensive and secure process.

We Will Answer Your Questions, Risk-Free

We understand that not all timeshare termination is handled the same way since every timeshare has a different value. You may have a timeshare mortgage, or you have paid it in full. You could be a victim of timeshare misrepresentation and fraud. Whatever problem you might be facing, American Settlement Solutions has all the answers you need to navigate through the timeshare solution once and for all. You only need to decide what you want for your family. You are under no obligation to continue using our services after consultation.

We Understand Consumer Protections

We have a full understanding and experience in consumer protections and timeshare contract cancellations. We know the right steps to follow so that the process is efficient. Our team will keep you up to date on the progress of your timeshare cancellation.

At American Settlement Services, we offer you a quick timeshare solution at an affordable price. If you have experienced timeshare fraud and hassles, look no further. Contact us and let us offer you a timeshare solution that fits your needs.

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